The okapi is a national symbol of the African country, but an endangered species. With this name Okapi stands for something exclusive and admirable.

We look forward to your event. Our values that we set first are an open mind, quality, artisan, passion and innovation.

One of our strengths is the combination of delicious traditional and worldly ingredients with various modern techniques. Discover our story and what we have to offer.

Our story

Our story Okapi International was founded in 2012 from the friendship of 2 persons of Belgian and Congolese descent who were passionate about world gastronomy, and more specifically African cuisine. 

Over the years Okapi International has endeavored to promote African delights. We combine well-known worldly and traditional African ingredients with various cooking techniques. The result is accessible, surprising, new, pleasant, recognizable and tasteful. 

The kitchen of Okapi International takes you on a culinary world (re) discovery with an ultimate goal: to give African cuisine a place on an international level. 

Thanks to our know-how and years of experience in the sector, we can offer you delicious dishes based on meat, fish and vegetables. The important pillars of our cuisine are originality, diversity, balance and seasonality. 

Okapi International is located in Vilvoorde. Our services are available in Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia.


Okapi International offers freshly prepared dishes for all occasions. We always pay attention to the small details that make your event a memorable one. We take care of all your events. Our specialties include, but are not limited to: 

• Cooking workshops 

• Hot and cold buffets 

• Weddings and banquets

• Birthday Parties & Intimate Dinners 

• Lunch and dinner 

• Cocktail parties 

• Receptions 

• Company parties 

• Bbq 

• Food truck 

• Braai 

In order to better fulfill your wishes, our offer can still be adapted to your needs. Our team will help you make an accurate choice and budget. Contact us for a free quote.



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