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Are you looking for original snacks for your cocktail party, reception, company party, etc.? We take care of it from A to Z.



We provide both hot and cold buffets at your wedding, birthday party, lunches, more intimate dinners,…


A cook at home

Do you want to celebrate a special occasion at home or on location? We provide a gastronomic discovery. You just have to enjoy! From 8 people.

A cook at home

Braai – Barbecue

Braai is passion for cooking on wood. For many, braai is equivalent to barbecuing. The whole braai process of cooking the meat gives you the opportunity to socialize and take time for your friends and family.

Braai - Barbecue


Okapi offers some world classics. Our festival experience starts with accessible prices, fresh and delicious dishes in biodegradable plates, smooth and courteous service together with toppings at will and of your choice.


Food truck

Enjoy all the delicacies from exotic places in a relaxed atmosphere.

Okapi International
Okapi International

The okapi is a national symbol of the African country, but an endangered species. With this name, Okapi stands for something exclusive and admirable.
We look forward to your event and will do everything we can to put our values ​​first. These are Open Mind, Quality, Artisan, Personal and Innovative.
One of our trump cards is the combination of delicious traditional and worldly techniques with various modern techniques.
Okapi International was founded in 2012 from the friendship of 2 people of Belgian and Congolese origin who were passionated by world gastronomy, more specifically African cuisine.

Brought a piece of the world to you!

Don't wait for a good day, make one!


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